• values and vision

Our vision with Eighty81 is to create a beautiful, inspiring, creative and affordable shared workspace for creative businesses in Derry~Londonderry to grow and develop.

We aim to develop Eighty81 into a creative yet professional work environment with a friendly, informal and supportive atmosphere that encourages communication, collaboration and inspiration. We plan to keep the workspace affordable, flexible and fully serviced to eliminate risk and hassle for residents so they can concentrate on growing their businesses.

Our vision is to develop it to become financially sustainable over a 3 year period and for Eighty81 to become an integral resource for the creative industry community in Derry~Londonderry. We hope for Eighty81 to become a vibrant and positive hub of activity with a wide variety of creative residents and creative industry events and activities and to become a source of good quality meaningful creative industry business support that genuinely helps and supports creative businesses in Derry~Londonderry to start, grow and develop.