Eighty81 Studios - we have availability

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Join our community of software, web, mobile, app freelancers and startups - dedicated creative industry desk-space available now

1 desk space costs £150 per calendar month, 2 desks cost £125 per desk, for 3 + desks it will be £100 per desk per month.
Private workspaces cost £18 per sqft per annum. 


  • 452.08 sqft/ 42 sqm - Taken


  • 355 sqft/ 33 sqm - Taken


  • 1076 sqft /100sqm - Co-working Studio - individual desk space - limited space available


  • 1076 sqft /100sqm - Taken


  • 1076 sqft /100sqm - Taken


  • 1076 sqft /100sqm - Taken

These prices include rates, utilities, broadband, car parking (one space per two people), use of meeting rooms and communal facilities. The only extra cost is a phone line for anyone that wants one. The cost of this is £15 per month plus the cost of calls.


To be eligible for a shared creative workspace at Eighty81 you must have a creative industry business that you want to grow and develop. Creative businesses will be classified as eligible for Eighty81 workspace according to the UK’s definition of the creative industries - ‘those industries that are based on individual creativity, skill and talent with the potential to create wealth and jobs through developing intellectual property’ - includes thirteen sectors: advertising, architecture, the art and antiques market, crafts, design, designer fashion, film, interactive leisure software (ie. video games), music, the performing arts, publishing, software, and television and radio.


If you are interested in taking on space you can contact us on eighty81@executiveoffice-ni.gov.uk for more information or to request an application form or arrange a viewing. Then if you decide to go ahead there is a simple application form to fill in. Once you agree to take a space, you'll pay a deposit that's equivalent to one month's rent. There will be no additional fees or charges during your residency as broadband, utilities like heating and electric, and even use of our meeting room and equipment are included in your rent. After your minimum term of three months you may remain on a month-to-month basis, simply giving 30 days notice if you would like move on. That's it!