Collaborative Solutions

Welcome to John of Collaborative Solutions

We are thrilled to have John become part of our creative hub here in Eighty81. I grabbed him for a couple of minutes to find out more about him and who he works for.

Tell us about the company you work for? 

I am an employee of Collaborative Solutions who has just expanded their operating area to cover EMEA. 

Tell me about your business in one sentence? 

We implement Workday, a software as a service HR system, to a range of clients globally.

How do you define success?

Success is 100% defined by how happy you are. Material things are secondary to a good work-life balance and a happy healthy life.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Happiness is the key to success, if you love what you are doing (either in work or in your spare time) you will be successful!

Why have you chosen to become a resident of Eighty81?

The facilities here are first class, and having spent a month hot-desking, found everyone really welcoming. There is such a mix of skills across a number of different industries here at Eighty81 and that brings with it exciting opportunities for new contacts and wider collaboration.

What has been your greatest moment of success?

It’s hard to settle on one. Professionally it would be taking on this role in Collaborative Solutions, I am a Project Manager with a responsibility of building the Collaborative brand in EMEA, successful projects = happy clients = positive references = more contracts! 

Outside of work I’m a keen road cyclist and have won a few road races. I won’t be winning the Tour de France anytime soon, but I can dream!

How do you see your company expanding over the next few years?

Collaborative Solutions have just expanded their operations to include EMEA, we already in the middle of some Phase 1 implementations so the goal the next number of months is to make those a success, increase the Collaborative brand, get more contracts and hire more people. It will be an exciting few months for sure!

Thanks John for taking the time to chat with us. Welcome to Eighty81.

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