Type40 Creative

Are a creative content production studio who design, craft and create content for broadcast, online, print and interactive experiences

Type40 Creative services include:

Motion Graphics & Animation: Type40 Creative love creating content especially involving motion graphics and animation

Video Production: Using the latest technology they can film interviews with your team, products in situ or events and edit them down to produce a series of short marketing films

Broadcast Graphics: They have produced a number of TV adverts for a range of clients and can see the production process all the way from the conception through Clearcast approval to delivery.

DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring: Their team can design, encode and author your PAL and NTSC DVD and any Blu-ray compliant HD frame rate (including 3D titles)

Digital Delivery: From video encoding to design of digital content, such as iTunes LPs, they can help get your content on to the latest platforms

Website Design & Development: From a simple microsite to a full website they can design and develop a fully responsive site to suit your needs.