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Lunchtime Lessons: The Hackers Guide to Branding & Marketing

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Wednesday, 20. April 2016 -
13:00 to 14:00

Delighted to announce our next 'Lunchtime Lessons' this one is 'The Hackers Guide to Branding & Marketing'

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Eighty81 Creative Workspace
Buildings 80-81
Co Londonderry
BT47 6FA

Lunchtime Lessons

Developing a brand for your business, getting the word out successfully - and doing it in a professional, eye-catching and memorable way can be difficult - not to mention expensive. It's no surprise there are many excellent agencies and specialists working in these fields.

However many entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, whilst bursting with ideas and potential, often don't have the resources to engage with such specialisms in their formative months and years. Instead, they do it in-house, leaning on their instinct, passion and enthusiasm to communicate their message and raise their profile.

One person who knows this journey all too well is Ciaran Murray, a local entrepreneur who has started, branded and marketed several of his own ventures, including satirical publications Pure Derry and The Ulster Fry, digital agencies Fresh Made Media and Creative Metrics, plus several other local businesses involved in diverse range of sectors including retail, lifestyle, fashion and engineering.

In this session Ciaran will look at tips and techniques that other startups and other entrepreneurs can use to hit the ground running with effective branding and marketing strategies.  

Tickets are free. Booking is essential.

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