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Eighty81: How To Pitch Like a Pro

  • Eighty81 Creative Workspace

Wednesday, 26. October 2016 -
17:30 to 18:30

We are excited to launch our EIGHTY81 CLUB FOR CREATIVE STARTUPS, this is a community of startups, entrepreneurs & small businesses.

We will host a series of events including workshops, clinics and case studies with industry professionals sharing their skills and knowledge to support creative and digital industry startups.

Our first workshop is Pitch Night.

Knowing how to talk about your business to your local bank manager, a potential client or even investors is an essential skill not all of us have and this is where our Pitch Night workshops comes in to play.

We are doing a series of 3 workshops where you will learn how to write and present your own bespoke pitch professionally and confidently.

Attending these workshops you will:

  • Learn how to structure a pitch
  • Have a template they can use again and again
  • Receive coaching on how to present your pitch
  • Receive feedback on your pitch
  • A chance to network with likeminded entrepreneurs
  • Pitch your business to the press

* Anyone participating need to commit to attend all 3 workshops.*

1st Workshop / Date: Wed 26th Oct ’16 @5.30-6.30pm

This first workshop will start at the very beginning where you will all be shown how to structure a compelling pitch. This closed session will be led by Mark Nagurski, co-founder of MakeMatic, who has worked in business development roles for over 15 years.

2nd Workshop / Date: Wed 18th Jan ’17 @5.30-6.30pm

This workshop will focus on delivery. In a closed session you will practice your pitch and get valuable feedback from industry professionals.

3rd Workshop / Date: Thurs 13th April ’17 @5.30-6.30pm

The final event is a public pitch where you’ll showcase your business to an invited audience of press, funders and industry professionals - followed by networking over a beer or two!

Limited space so book your place now!

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