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Eighty81 Does Lunch

  • Eighty81 Creative Workspace

Wednesday, 11. May 2016 - 13:00

Members Only Event

Eighty81 Does Lunch is our lunchtime session of events where one of our members becomes the keynote speaker

Where and When

Eighty81 Workspace
Northern Ireland
BT47 6FA

For some of us starting a business is easy especially when compared to public speaking, so at our Eighty81 Does Lunch events we try to help with this anxiety. Members meet over a yummy lunch and a hot coffee and the company doing the session dictates what he/she wants to talk about and the length of time they want to do it in.

We have found that, this members only event, helps builds confidence, improves presentation skills and encourages networking and collaboration within our creative hub.

We are happy to tell you that this event is been taken over by Evide, they provide digital solutions, consultancy and training to help organisations to report on their outputs, outcomes, measure impact and prove their social value.


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