Why Choose Eighty81 Coworking Studio

Coworking is no longer perceived as a new age workplace practice, suitable only for start-ups or small businesses. Well established and well-known companies have realised the benefits of working in a coworking space and Eighty81 is one of the best of these in the North West.

  • EIGHTY81

We are based in the heart of Derry-L’Derry and with the help of our members have created a supportive, creative environment for collaboration and innovative thinking.

Instead of working from your basement or local coffee shop why not join our thriving creative hub right now.

Eighty81 provides full-service support for all your office management needs so you can focus on building your business. It’s also the perfect place to be part of a creative community with free use of onsite conference and communal spaces. 

No need to sign a 12 or 6-month lease, Eighty81 offers flexibility and with 24-hour access, free onsite parking and strong and reliable WiFi - there is no excuse not to join us.

If you are looking for a unique office environment that will full of diversity in an amazing location then get in touch now - we’d love to give you a tour info@eightyeightyone.com


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