The talented Jackie Huskisson is our #11 artist

Jackie Huskisson will show her work tomorrow at our The Art of the Comic event tomorrow @6pm, she is a visual artist from Canada but now living in Northern Ireland.

  • Jackie Huskisson

Jacqueline (Jackie) is a 2011 print media graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design, she has currently finished her MFA at Ulster University and is a current director at Platform Arts Belfast.

Reflecting on the absurdity of a situation. A combination of intent and circumstance, a contraption made to rely on misperception.

Embracing ideas of old motifs of slapstick and cartoons fraught with Dadaist logic and the whims of the Fluxus movement, her art can be a joke that often has no punchline. Jacqueline's practice investigates how her art embraces the absurd and the lowbrow, through the methods of unconventional narration.

She considers being fundamentally an artist who draws, but she works in any medium that suits her practice at the time such as installation, comics, costumes, and printmaking. Her website is 

Come see her work in person tomorrow eve @6pm at our event The Art of the Comic - free and open to all