Eighty81 Events: Crowdfunding

What an excellent event this was, Donal Doherty was full of information and the people who came were full of questions which were great to see.

  • Crowdfunding

To give you a bit of background on why Donal was our speaker on the night, back in 2015 his eLearning start-up Engage Live company did what so many who embark on a crowdfunding project, they hit and in fact exceeded their goal and got funded. 

CEO of Engage, Donal Doherty shared at our event about how they leveraged the platform to raise £16,889. From the high's and lows and everything in-between. Donal shared first-hand experience and actionable strategies to make crowdfunding work for your business, not only enabling you to raise funds, but to validate your project and build a tribe in the process.

Did you know crowdfunding pulls together a community (usually strangers) to fund a project and websites like Kickstarter and Seedrs who fund projects big and small for reward or equity. 

Since launching in 2009 7.8 million people have pledged $2 Billion on Kickstarter alone, funding 77,000 creative projects so even though it has been going for awhile we wanted to do this event to give people tips and tricks on how to gain the most money and to keep your audience engaged.

Crowdfunding is not an easy solution but if you put in the hard work it can give you big rewards


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