Coworking, is it the right fit for me?

We believe coworking is for everyone, here in Eighty81 we are a diverse group of freelancers, small businesses, remote workers, and entrepreneurs who work along side each other in our shared, communal setting which is effective and it works.

  • We love coworking

We asked our members what they liked most about being part of a coworking environment, they told us they loved being part of a shared creative community where helping each other is the norm and not the exception. The feeling of being part of a creative community where when you grab a coffee in the communal areas you can meet another likeminded individuals where a chat or advice is always available.

Other members loved the 24/7 accessibility, they have more job control. Unlike traditional office hours, Eighty81 Creative Workspace members can access their space any time of any day.

We asked one member if Eighty81 was living up to their expectations, Shane of Shane Birney Architects said, “Very much so, it has given the practice a focal point both from a working point of view but also a social element. We have been able to collaborate with others within the hub, which we had hoped for, but the seminars and talks organised by Eighty81 ..., have been really enjoyable too”

So if being part of a community that’s friendly, informal and supportive, encourages communication and collaboration then maybe coworking is the perfect fit for you.